Our Mission

Restaurants have an important role to play in our city, in the food system, in our culture. They’re fundamental parts of our social life, they compose a significant part of our economy, and they play a crucial role in our interaction with our environment.

We operate our business with this mission to guide us. Our aim is to improve everything we encounter.

1. To improve the soil in which we farm. We farm small pieces of land–a couple acres in Greene County, a couple of raised beds in Brooklyn. In those direct ways, we try to improve soil quite literally: enriching it, building topsoil, remediating it where it’s been damaged. But we also take this as a general environmental directive, and we try to support farmers and producers whose environmental commitments are clear, and who understand their role as stewards of our healthy soil and clean water and air.

2. To improve the lives of the people we work with. We believe that working with food is some of the most important work a person can do, and we think it should be treated that way. We strive to give the people we work with jobs and working conditions that reflect that we take this seriously, treating them with respect and dignity, paying them living wages, offering every benefit we can manage, and dedicating ourselves to them as people.

3. To make the experience of eating out transformative. We’ve all had meals we’ll never forget, whether they were 12-course tastings at the temples of gastronomy or cold fried chicken picnics on the roofs of our friends’ apartments. Eating out is an opportunity for refreshing your view on the world, gathering inspiration, falling back in love with your friends, and seeing new possibility for your life. When you walk out of our restaurant, we would like for you to feel satisfied, refreshed, creatively energized, and–above all else–happy.

4. To broaden access to good food to everyone. We’re all too aware that most people can’t eat in restaurants like ours–we know how expensive and hard-to-reach well-raised food is. We want to change that, to make it possible every day for people to get and prepare and eat food that’s been raised without dangerous pesticides or abusive conditions. Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where you can just take it for granted that the food you eat was produced in a way that improved the earth rather than depleted it, that it came to you with a minimum of exploitation and a maximum of love and attention.


Snail of Approval