We woke the Village Voice’s Robert Sietsema up to the pleasures of brunch, and he liked the rest of the menu, too, saying “the food at Parish Hall is brilliant. And who doesn’t like to subversively scarf eggs around dinnertime in a temple of locavorism while scrambling your brain on strong cocktails?”:

And then! The Voice called us the Best New American Restaurant in NYC!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker loved what they had to eat here, too:

The food is a turn away from rib-sticking biscuits and gravy and toward the bounty of the garden, and some of the produce is supplied by Weld’s own Goatfell Farm, in the Catskills. One evening, a chilled corn soup came with basil and blackberries; a few weeks later they were raspberries. In a perfectly dressed salad of greens, prosciutto, shaved cauliflower, and pecans, peaches were later replaced by pears. Vegetables and fruits feature prominently, and many dishes come with a notable addition of nuts and grains. Crispy farro added texture and nutty flavor to a soft-boiled egg served with squash blossom, heirloom tomato, and turnip greens. Do not shy away from the duck with granola—it works. Even the meat dishes are prepared with an appreciation for the virtues of different cuts. Pork loin, shoulder, and rib arrive on the same plate, with yellow wax beans, fennel, peaches, and walnuts, and slices of duck breast are accompanied by leg meat, braised and seasoned with scallions and wrapped in ribbons of squash—it tastes like the best spring roll you’ve ever had.

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Serious Eats ran a series of photos of our spring menu:


Food and Wine gave us a nod for our inventive cocktails making use of shrubs and infused vinegars.


Our chef, Evan Hanczor, discussing borage on WNYC’s “Last Chance Foods“:


A nice review in Immaculate Infatuation: “Everything we had was impressive in it’s simultaneous simplicity and complexity, and we couldn’t believe how much flavor every bite of every dish had – even if it was just a bowl of vegetables. There is also an amazing cocktail “program” here, of which you should take full advantage.”


Grub Street included our chilled corn soup in their slideshow of the best soups of summer:×00011 


And in WhealthEats: “I fell in love with this place, the minute I walked in. First off, the decor almost resembles a hip white party in Miami, except that it’s even better because it’s part-industrial and part-farmhouse too. It’s reminiscent of a cleaner, simpler time– a time when all food is presented beautifully and is fresh off a local farm. And trust us — the food is really really fresh, just picked from their own Goatfell farm in the Catskills or from one of its NY farm neighbors.”

Remodelista profiled our space and the work of our designer, Joseph Foglia:

Our talk at the 2012 Just Food Conference: