Heather Ridge Farm

One of the first local farmers we met near Goatfell Farm was Carol Clement, whose Heather Ridge Farm in nearby Preston Hollow is practically a landmark. She sells grass-fed lamb, beef, and goat through a small store at the farm, and that’s how we first got to know her: buying her lamb chops, steaks, sausages, and honey.

Then last year we started going by on weekends when she started a small cafe serving simple, delicious foods–garlic soup, chili made from her beef and pork, braised short ribs. There aren’t too many places to get a decent meal in the northeastern Catskills, so her food was a welcome addition to the area.

We’ve bought things here and there from Carol to use at the restaurants, but this summer we got our first whole lamb for use at Parish Hall. Carol’s perfectly happy selling to her neighbors upstate, and does well with it, so she’s not exactly knocking on the door of city folks looking for their business and their hassle. But we’re excited to bring a little of the best of the northern Catskills to Brooklyn.

In May, the farm hosted an open house and lamb roast to kick off the summer. We went by to see where their pigs and goats and sheep lived: high in the hills, with a view most people would spend their lives dreaming of.